Who will be Britain’s next PM? & My Sketchbook

               [I had a reference for Cameron, then I created Brown and Clegg]

The General Election will unveil the next PM tomorrow. The
politicians are making the final push. I bet they have never worked so hard in
their lives, lol

I would be SAD if Brown wins, because he will still be doing
the same thing.
I would be ANNOYED if Cameron wins, because he is hiding
what he will actually do.
I would be WORRIED if Clegg wins, because he can’t explain
what he will be doing.

I’m just talking.
I know Clegg has the least chance to win, but honestly the
British should step out of their comfort zone and let Clegg do something
different, anything different,lol


扫描了一些放在相册里,My Sketchbook,也许以后会时常更新?(留一个问号就是留一条后路)