Tracing the old York


看美国的地图总是有点别扭,满眼都是熟悉的英国的地名,只是位置全乱了套,外加距离拉大数倍。唯一有自知之明的就是New York,加了个new,其它都是直接挪用。


前些天在York小游,the old York, the authentic York.






6 thoughts on “Tracing the old York

  1. Finally…I see your new hair colour:) after expecting that for so many days…
    Another discovery–you are becoming more and more beautiful each day…
    What can I say? I know you\’ve always been cute…Now you become the beauty angle falling to the earth.:) 

  2. to Yuan,
    to Yuanying,
    See? One PhD is not enough to knock me down, I can do two ^_^
    I would just smile at those words if they were from a guy, but they\’re from a girl, from you, I shall take them as real compliment.

  3. 我妈昨天给我打电话的时候还说 给我留言的这个小姑娘好漂亮 又有才 说从你写的东西就看的出来~~ 俺说 人家是剑桥高才生~~

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