Burble [Wittgenstein and Schopenhauer, I have to borrow your wisdom to conceal my ignorance]

To the time passed ­­–

The limits of my language are the limits of my mind. All I know is what I have words for.


To the time to come —

There is no trouble that an hour’s reading doesn’t assuage.




Dan’s comment reminds me of a garden party almost two years ago where, a girl asked me ‘who is your favourite philosopher and whom do you agree with’, wearing a kind and curious smile on her face. I blinked … Plato? Socrates? Kant? Nietzsche? Sartre? … Well, I could name out a list of philosophers, and maybe recite some of their quotes, but far from agreeing with or favouring, and what the differences are between the two, by then I could not distinguish.


By the way, I didn’t answer her question but finished my sherry. If there is ever a good relationship between knowledge and me, it is because I have never pretended I knew him well.


Memento Mori

A CNN reporter inquired about a community after the quake, a local staff answered in tears, ‘around 500 were killed, including my parents, my wife and two children…’ At the moment he was talking, the phone rang, it was a new order. He wiped up, waved goodbye and whisked away…the scene faded with a view of his back, trotting.
You see bare, the grimace, the end of life. It is not the deepest sorrow. That is, your life is not over until it is over. You shoulder other’s death, until the one of yours.
I am sitting here watching the number, rising to more than fearful.
The God was blind.
British Red Cross — China Earthquake Appeal:
The only thing I can do for you today, besides pray.


我爸爸真是太强了,干一行精一行,业余养养花弄弄草居然也搞得这么专业,花园里姹紫嫣红,你方唱罢我登场。本朵至今尚无养花成功事迹,其间催花无数。提及此,羞愧难当。最近买来一包花种,全因说明里写着:no attention needed. ideal for children’s garden. 






新添特写:花王,15厘米直径月季,像不像Tudor Rose?