Sailing Trip — The Martin Centre Big Day

1. Early in the morning, we got to this lovely little town – Rowhedge, one and a half hour’s drive from Cambridge. Nick, the supervisor of my supervisor, is living here. He owns a sailing boat. His brother, Mike, owns another one. So do his neighbours and friends. Here we go.

2. Twenty-four of us splitted up in 5 boats, we are now approaching out of the bay, towards the SEA!!
3. Allen, the captain of our boat. Have I seen him somewhere? Possibly ‘the Old Man and the Sea’?

4. What am I doing then? Busy touching everything that I’m allowed to touch. I feel super safe in the auto life jacket, which means if unfortunately I’m in the sea rather than above, I don’t have to do anything but wait until it become wet. It will be inflated automatically, I’m told. Hmm… I can’t trust it. I’ll just drag the string and scream.
5. Regulations are everywhere, even on the vast sea. Taking a L route to your destination by first towards the ‘boye’ then turn left or right rather than a straight line ahead will make yourself safe, as the ‘boyes’ mark the deepest depths. Also giving way to the boats which are taking the wind is a good manner.
6. The sail is on. Isn’t it beautiful? The colour and the way it is sewed. Amazing!
7. After another one and a half hour, we are near an island — our barbeque site. Will there be dinosaurs? Or may be some treasure?
8. This is how we get onto the beach. Anchor the sailing boat 50 metres away, and then take a rowboat to the shore. Two people each on the rowboat. Remember one of the two has to come back to pick up the third one … It is the place where we test our life jackets.
9. Welcome on shore!
10. This activity can be tricky. Here is the story —- After a second run further to the sea, I was the last person on the sailing boat.
11. Matina, my Greek love, told me she would come back to fetch me. See? She is coming to me, fully confident.
12. Then …. She is leaving me, following the tide. Stranded!
13. It is the time for a hero to show off. It is Nick in his rowboat with ENGINE!
14. A happy end, as always.
15. What do we have on the beach? Sea shells and … oysters.
16. Food and drinks. Just relax…
17. Late in the afternoon, we have to follow the tide back to the town. Before we leave, let’s keep it forever.
18. The end of the day.


10 thoughts on “Sailing Trip — The Martin Centre Big Day

  1. The ones on the beach are seashells.
    The oysters were caught from the sea, alive but didn\’t look fresh. Not brave enough to have one:-)

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