Masteroverall level出来啦,达到了可以直接continue PhD的要求 导师知道我已经开始工作了,但还是说希望我能回去读PhD,今年或者以后。想想我当时写PhD proposal前前后后导师提供了好多建议,我修改了好多遍呢,而且题目还是蛮有意思的。

另一边,工作进展顺利,从开始的哪个组忙去哪个组帮忙,到现在固定在一个组,和team leader一起去伦敦带client参观,讨论设计,收集资料提供可行性建议,有了越来越多的责任,也有了越来越浓的兴趣。


A.      Continue working

B.      Quit job and continue PhD

C.      Work part-time and do a part-time PhD

还没到要决定的时候,边走边看了,估计不是选A就是选C,也许应该加个D. Be a housewife and forget about everything

ps. 后院中间一棵参天大树,结出绿色的大果子,最近噼里啪啦往下掉,有的绿色果肉裂开,路出里面的核,居然居然是核桃。早上看见几只小松鼠,忙忙碌碌地把核桃运走,一次只能运一颗,叼在嘴里。原来松鼠也吃核桃,也不知道它们怎么弄开。考虑是不是应该砸开一些扔在院子里,方便小动物们来吃,不过很可能多此一举,小动物其实都比我聪明。



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  1. My dear lady,
    We\’ve met only once in person. You impressed me with your beauty and elegance. Now by chance I came across your blog and started to like you on a deeper level. There is a special purity in you that I appreciate.
    The following is rather in reply to your June 23rd post. I suspect the "big decision" you made was related to the person through whom I got to meet you in May. (We had dinner together on the evening of May 29th.) I am a woman much older than you. I had painful frustrations in my life. But I cannot teach anything to you. I shouldn\’t. Your passion, your purity are the things that I don\’t want to venture destroying. Yet there is still something that worries me. I could only say, hold on to yourself, hold life tight, even when life seems to have lost its meaning, or when dreams seem broken. Love and passion are always worth pursuing. But they are not equal to life and can disappear. They are much narrower, although sometimes higher.
    I\’m happy to get to know you, to have got to know you in May and to get to know you better here. I believe I would appreciate you as a friend. If you have interest, please drop me a line through ABBS and I shall be very glad to send you an easier means of contact.

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